Scented candles

Environmentally friendly scented candles that smell good and won't give you a headache. We handcraft all our candles using Swedish rapeseed wax at our workshop in the countryside of Nysättra, just outside Norrtälje in Roslagen.

In our candle-making process, we use Swedish rapeseed wax, a natural and renewable material that is gentle on the environment.


Our scented candles spread a soft and pure scent, carefully selected from the finest perfume oils from Grasse, France, and pure essential oils. We want your home to smell lovely!



  • Scented candles

    We make eco-friendly and vegan scented candles by hand in small batches in our candle workshop in Roslagen. We have over 13 years of experience in candle making.

    We make scented candles from Swedish rapeseed wax and scent them with carefully selected French fragrance oils that give soft and clear scents. Some fragrance oils are mixed with essential scents and the wicks are made of cotton.


    Scented candles you can burn with a clear conscience!


    All scented candles are available in two sizes and you choose the size on the product page

  • Essential scented candles
  • Rapsljus - Naturell
  • Mosquito Candles

    Who doesn't hate getting bitten by mosquitoes and gnats?

    That's why we've crafted mosquito candles using pure essential oils intended for outdoor use, though they're also suitable indoors. We've mixed the essential oils of Citronella, Lemongrass, and Peppermint, which mosquitoes and gnats usually despise.

    It's a nice balance of scents, with lemongrass and peppermint evening out the stronger scent of citronella.

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