Scented candles, reed diffusers & stearin candles • Eco-friendly & Vegan

Handmade in our candle workshop in Roslagen, Sweden

• Do you want to sell environmentally friendly and vegan candles that are made by hand in the beautiful Roslagen, Sweden?

• Are you looking for alternatives to the big commercial candle manufacturers?

• Are climate-smart raw materials vital to you and your customers?

• Perhaps you have an interior design shop, salon, farm shop or similar where you are looking for Swedish candles to offer your customers?

If you can answer yes to any or perhaps all of these questions, you've come to the right place!

As a retailer, you can buy from our entire scented range as well as parts of our range of olive candles.

We have chosen to use Swedish rapeseed wax in our production. Swedish rapeseed wax is locally produced, natural and renewable and therefore environmentally friendly. We make our candles from olive stearin, which is made from pure olive oil, as opposed to "regular" stearin that is made from animal fat and/or palm oil. The candles form a beautiful lace pattern as they burn down.

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About Yvelis of Sweden

We, standing behind Yvelis, are Yvonne and Jörgen. We have our candle workshop and a small candle shop in Nysättra, just outside Norrtälje in Roslagen, and that's where we make all our candles by hand.

Yvelis was started in 2011 and has grown from a hobby to both of us working full time with candle production.

We work with eco-friendly raw materials and even though it's harder to produce candles with natural waxes and stearin, we believe it's worth it.

What our customers think?

Reviews we got about our candles and reed diffusers.

So happy to finally find vegan pillar candles without paraffin, and that they also have such a nice lace. Thank you, thank you, keep up what you are doing!
The first scented candles that don't give me a sore throat or headache and they smell just right :-)
Lavender is always right. Here in the form of a quality candle, which is good for both the environment and people. Recommended for anyone, anytime.
Eva Anna Magdalena