Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers perfect way to spread fragrance without a open flame, perfect for those of you who may have small children or animals (or simply love fragrance)

We manufacture  our reed diffusers with an vegan, environmentally friendly, toxicfree and biodegradable base that we mix with the same fragrances or essential oils as our scented candles. We do not use alcohol in our reed diffusers, which means that they last longer than many other brands.

Great for where you always want a little scent such as the hall, the bathroom or the bedroom. You decide for yourself how much they should scent with the number of reeds you put in the bottle.


  • Reed Diffusers
  • Essential Reed Diffusers

    Reed diffusers with an environmentally friendly an vegan base made from renewable vegetable raw materials. Gently scented with essential oils. This means that you get a nice well-balanced scent that lasts a long time, you regulate how much scent is emitted with the amount of reeds used.

    Essential scents may vary slightly depending on the different harvests and times they are harvested, but that is part of the charm of natural products.

    Eco-friendly & Vegan!

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