Yvelis little candle shop on the countryside:

Here at our workshop in Nysättra, just outside Norrtälje in Roslagen/Sweden, we have opened a small (very small) candle store, we have our entire range there and also selected gift items and organic skin care.

We are open Thursdays - Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm (as well as red days) and in the summer we have extended our opening hours.

We are often open when we work and then put out our open flag, you can also contact us if you want to come another time and we will open.

We are located on Nysättra Skogsväg 22, which is located about 1.4 km outside Norrtälje.

Directions: Drive towards Vätö from Norrtälje, just after Nysättra you turn left towards Söderbykarl, about 400 m into that road is our candle workshop and shop.

Can not be missed, red workshop with our sign on the wall.

Parking is available.