Common Questions and Answers

Some questions and answers to many of the questions we get. If you have any more questions feel free to ask through our contact page.

We make our scented candles from Swedish rapeseed wax, which is made from rapeseed that grows all around us in Sweden. We scent it with French fragrance oils and/or pure essential oils.

No, they are not.

All candles made from soy, rapeseed, stearin, and various blends with coconut and olive wax are not organic! The process of making wax from vegetable oil cannot be made organic.

A common misconception is that as long as it's vegetable wax, it's organic? That's not true when it comes to other vegetable products, and certainly not for candles either.

Different types of vegetable candle wax can still be environmentally friendly and good choices.

We have chosen Swedish rapeseed wax for our scented candles, which is our best option. There is no deforestation to grow rapeseed, it is fast-growing and used as animal feed. It also has a much lower environmental impact since it is produced in Sweden and does not need to be transported far.

We make our stearine candles from olive stearin, it is a candle that is made from olive oil as opposed to "regular" candle that is made from animal fat and/or palm oil.

Their scent last for about 4-8 months if they are scented with fragrance oil, the essential ones scents for about 2-4 months as essential oil is more volatile. How quickly they wear also largely depends on how many reeds you have in and air flows.

If you are sensitive to scents, it is advisable to avoid all kinds of scented products, but if you still wants to have a bit of fragrance in your home, our scents usually work well even for sensitive individuals! Our fragrance oils are of high quality and mild.

Fragrance oils are synthetic scents created in a laboratory, where it's possible to create scents that cannot be obtained from nature. Harmful and allergenic substances can also be removed much more easily in fragrance oils.

Essential scents are extracted from plants, for example, their bark, leaves, or fruit peels, and therefore, the range of scents that can be produced is much more limited.

Which is better? It's a matter of taste. Essential scents are more natural, but fragrance oils are safer and developed specifically for scented candles and diffusers.

This is because we comply with all laws and regulations within the EU. Scented candles are classified as a chemical product and must be labeled in the same way as, for example, motor oil or dish soap.

For instance, the warning with an exclamation mark means that the content can cause an allergic reaction, but this requires having the candle wax on the skin.

The warning with dead fish doesn't look very appealing on an eco-friendly product, but it means that the product should not be released into waterways or flushed down the drain, which is important for cleaning agents that are flushed away, but candles are not used in this way either.

This law is called CLP (Classification, Labeling, and Packaging) and everyone who manufactures scented candles and diffuser sticks must follow it, regardless of whether they use essential scents or fragrance oils.

No, we do not. There are two reasons for this; firstly, we do not have the time for it as we manufacture all candles by hand and are fully occupied with our own production. The second reason is that we do not want to compete with ourselves. We have created a candle we are incredibly proud of and prefer our candles to be sold under our own brand.

Unfortunately not, first and foremost, candle making is a craft that takes time to learn, and one needs to test and retest to produce a good candle. We do not have the time or opportunity to teach others because we are a small company and handcraft all our candles.