Handmade candles you can burn with a clear conscience! 

Yvelis is a small family business in Roslagen, Sweden. We make all candles by hand in our candle workshop in the countryside just outside Norrtälje. We have over 13 years of experience in candlemaking.

For us, it is important to be able to offer environmentally friendly scented candles made from Swedish rapeseed wax that smells good without causing headaches.

We are also extremely proud to offer stearin candles that are not only beautiful but are made from olive oil and no animal fat or palm oil which is most common.

All our candles are also vegan.

We who stand behind Yvelis of Sweden AB are Yvonne and Jörgen Medin. Yvonne works mostly with manufacturing, administratively and developing new products and fragrances, while Jörgen is responsible for fairs, sales and the warehouse.

We also have a small candle shop at our candle manufacturing where we have our entire range as well as selected gift items, read more here.

Yvonne + Elisabeth = Yvelis

That's how we came up with the name Yvelis, a mix of both of my first names. The story of Yvelis began with me, Yvonne, but now Jörgen is also part of Yvelis.

I started this company because I love scented candles and always have.

It took me several years to produce the best-scented candles I could, which we proudly manufacture and sell today. It took tons, and I mean hundreds, of testing and searching for the best ingredients before they were good enough for us to start selling them. We are constantly working to find more and better fragrances.

I am proud that we work with Swedish rapeseed wax, we have opted out of paraffin because it is a by-product of petroleum production and palm wax because it devastates our rainforests. We have also opted out of soy wax because it has to be shipped a long way. Rapeseed grows around us in the fields and I am proud to be able to use Swedish rapeseed wax in our production.

Several of our customers say that these are the best scented candles they have ever tried and that makes me incredibly happy and proud!

A few years ago we started trying to make stearin candles, we then found olive stearin which is made from pure olive oil as opposed to "regular" candles which is made from palm oil and/or animal fat.

We have chosen to work with environmentally smart raw materials and it is much more difficult to make candles with these, but we think it is worth it!

Making candles doesn't feel like work, it's way too fun for that :-)