General info:

Candles made out of rapeseed wax needs a little more care than other candles. The candles from Yvelis are handmade and carefully tested to burn as beautifully as possible and to smell wonderful. The wax I use is NOT genetically modified or tested on animals.

The fragrance oils and essential oils I use are carefully selected and of highest quality. The wicks are made of cotton and contains no lead.

Since rapeseed wax is a vegetable type of wax the candles can sometimes form frost, uneven surfaces or discoloration. It doesn't affect how the candle is burning or how it smells, it's just how it is with rapeseed wax and it can't be avoided without using different additives which is certainly something we want to avoid!

It is the pool of melted wax that spreads the scent, so it could take up to an hour or sometimes more before the candle spreads its fragrance to the fullest.

At the start of the candles life span, in certain cases the wax can stick to the glasses wall. It will melt down later so don't remove it. It becomes so due to the candle getting warmer the closer to the flame you go and to get a candle that burns as safely as possible wax may stick to the wall during the candles first lit sessions.

Read and follow the care instructions closely to get the most out of your candle.

Care instructions:

- Let the candle burn for about 3 hours at a time, a little longer for the bigger candles and slightly less for the smallest. If you burn the candle for too short periods of time the candle will burn down in the middle and form a tunnel.

- Do not light on sensitive surfaces, remember that the glass can be hot, especially when the candle has burned a while down the glass, and can then damage the surface.

- Before you light your candle, shorten the wick if necessary, to about 0.7 cm, this to avoid that the wick soot and flame gets too high. This also applies to wooden wicks, pinch off the burned black on the wick if necessary.

- When you have put out the candle, center the wick before the wax cools down if necessary.  

- Put out the candles if the flame becomes too high or soot alot. Let the candle cool down completely, shorten the wick and lit again.

- Spills of rapeseed wax can be removed using warm water and soap. The glass container can easily be washed clean and used elsewhere.

- Keep your candles away from sunlight to prevent color change, White candles can turn yellow because of sunlight. Keep your candles dry and the temperature should not exceed 28 degrees or below 10 degrees to prevent deformation and cracking.

Important about safety:

- Burning candles should always be treated with respect and caution!

- Never light a candle on or near anything flammable and never leave a lit candle unattended.

- Keep a minimum distance of 10 cm between several lit candles .

- Keep lit candles away from children and animals.

- Make sure that the wick remains centered and does not touch the glass to avoid that the glass is ruptured or become very hot!

- Keep lights away from drafts. 

Rapeseed wax:

The use of rapeseed wax in candle manufacturing is relatively new, and we are delighted to be among the first to offer scented candles made using rapeseed wax.

Canola is a crop that is grown extensively throughout Europe, which are used to protect land and livestock feed. Because of the availability of rapeseed, no deforestation and because rapeseed wax is manufactured in Europe, it has a lower climate impact than for example soy wax that has to be transported far.

The rapeseed wax Yvelis uses contains a small amount of wax to get the very best properties. It has NOT been genetically manipulated or tested on animals. 

We are proud to be using wax made from natural and renewable crops!